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Cathy Burton

Cathy’s music career is probably as diverse as they come, She grew up in rural Devon, UK, learnt the piano from a very early age and picked up the guitar in her teens. Inspired by artists as diverse as Tracy Chapman, The Shamen, and Elvis Presley her love of music led her on to an ever-developing interest in song writing.

She studied for a music degree at Chichester University which stood her in good stead for the diversity of her life and work in music which was to come.

Cathy’s music and talents have taken her from the roof-tops of Shillong in North East India to arenas in Beirut, from village churches in England to stadiums in Argentina, from an orphanage in Romania to Brixton Academy in London. She has toured and played around the world over the last 16 years in Countries including, Russia, Canada, USA, France, Holland, Ukraine and many more.

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